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Welcome to the Four Flyways Outfitters website.

Our main goal is to provide waterfowlers with a great guided hunt and everlasting memories. We will use our vast experience from hunting various locations throughout North America to put you in the right place at the right time. We currently offer two exceptional guided hunting opportunities in South Dakota and Cold Bay, Alaska.


Why hunt with Four Flyways?

Let us show you the world famous Izembek Lagoon near Cold Bay, AK.  This area is absolutely incredible due to its abundance and variety of waterfowl, stunning wilderness landscape and lack of hunting pressure.  And if that wasn’t enough throw in world class silver salmon fishing, steaming volcanoes and abundant wildlife viewing opportunities for Brown Bears, caribou, wolves, eagles and many other species.  Izembek lagoon attracts thousands of geese and ducks with its extensive eel grass beds, surrounding wetlands and berry laden tundra uplands.  Our specialty is offering a wide variety of waterfowl with very liberal limits.  Izembek lagoon is simply the best place to hunt Black Brant in the world.  This area also attracts 50-60 thousand Canada geese and has a daily limit of 6.  Large numbers of puddle ducks, diving ducks and sea ducks also use the lagoon and surrounding areas.  Please click on the Cold Bay, Alaska link above for a full description and photos of your guided hunting adventure.

Hunting Guide Alaska South Dakota
We also offer spring snow goose hunting in South Dakota. These hunts are the some of the most challenging and rewarding in waterfowling. Having flocks numbering in the thousands spiral down to your spread is unequalled.  We follow the large concentrations and have located many prime areas while hunting in South Dakota during the previous 10 consecutive springs. We use large decoy spreads, ground blinds, and electronic calls to put these elusive birds within range of our guests. Scouting is key to consistent success and we do not hesitate to move to better locations when necessary. Please click the Spring Snows, South Dakota link above for a full description and photos.


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